Self-Care In Quarantine

I often have a hard time seeing how much God cares about the “stuff” that comes with being human. I know God cares about my spiritual life, but my exam grade, self-care routine, or what I eat each day? Not so much.

If you’re in the same boat as me, I don’t think we’re crazy. We go to church each week, attend Bible studies and learn about scripture. And rightfully so, they all aid in our spiritual formation. But when it comes to topics such as mental health or healthy habits, we can’t easily recall a sermon to help us.

But if we look to the Word, it confirms that God does care about more than our spiritual lives. In Jesus’ time on earth, he didn’t just provide a way for salvation. He provided food, interaction, healing, rest for weary crowds, and even wept at the death of his friend. These acts go beyond bringing salvation and reveal care for other aspects of our lives. Our mental, physical, and emotional health aren’t just the backburner of our existence. God created these parts of us to matter, and so we can confidently care for them like it matters.

So, what does it practically look like to take care of ourselves? Let’s look at the topic of our mental health. Years of research and study confirm that there are both controllable and uncontrollable factors influencing our psychological well-being. In this season of quarantine, our uncontrollable factors are higher, such as our living environment, the people we see, and stark change in daily activity. My friend, there is no shame for the ways this has impacted you.

So, what does it look like to trust the Lord with the uncontrollable factors (which is a whole other topic), and take responsibility for the controllable ones? For a start, four factors that are within our control this season are sleep, diet, exercise, and screen time. Especially in this season, I have found myself falling into laziness and unhealthy habits if I’m not careful. But if we shift our perspective to seeing taking care of our bodies as a form of obedience to God, self-care becomes about so much more than feeling good. Although sleep, diet, exercise, and screen time are pretty self-explanatory topics, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how you can tend to these areas of your life.

If we know that (1) the Lord cares about our entire being and (2) we actively steward our health, Self-care is an act of worship. Choosing diligence when taking care of our bodies, minds, and spirits is a choice to honor what God has created and God himself.

In a time of quarantine and isolation where motivation might be low, let's turn our hearts to the one who cares even about the wildflowers, and trust he cares about our bodies, minds, and hearts too.

- written by Bailey DeHaven, author of the blog My Holistic Heart

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