Nothing Is Wasted

“All this madness has a purpose. We are not alone.” – Chris Renzema

This lyric felt important when I first heard it. Everything in our lives has shifted in the past few months; everything looks different. To call it madness almost feels like an understatement. Back in 2019, who would have thought we would be where we are, doing what we are doing?

I am so eager to skip ahead. Let’s all just jump in the time machine and sprint forward to whenever life looks “normal” again. But if I know anything about God it is that with Him, nothing is ever wasted. That means even this madness has a purpose.

If I am honest, this is hard to find and hard to believe. I think of our commonly quoted verse from Esther: “perhaps you were born for such a time as this…” and wonder what that could possibly mean for us right now. But Scripture promises us: He works all things together for our good. It is a promise, nothing is wasted.

I cannot imagine a way that we come out of this whole circumstance unchanged. We will be different people, there is no fighting that. How we are changed is actually in our control. Who we become is a process that God invites us into.

For me, I want to become a person defined by hope. There are so many days that can easily feel hopeless. But there is so much hope in the world and we are aching for it. In the midst of a pandemic, we have watched people find it, carry it, share it, and shout it. We are desperately needy for hope like we need air for our lungs.

There are days where I feel silly for having hope. Days where I feel like people are laughing at me, or like I am just in denial of reality. There are plenty of people who, for some reason, enjoy being the Debbie-downer, or the “I’m just being a realist.” I appreciate the realists, I am married to one. I also think there always has to be a place for hope, and I don’t think being hopeful disregards reality. Yes, this season is hard and we don’t know when it will end. But we do know that it will end. We know that God is still sovereign and in control. We know that we can still experience His presence and His goodness to us, every single day. We know that we are not alone, even when we are by ourselves. These things aren’t silly hopes, they are proven-true promises.

Romans 5 tells us that hope will not put us to shame. It also says that the process is this: suffering leads to endurance which leads to character which leads to hope. Hope is hard-fought, it does not come to us from a protected, bubble-wrapped life. The starting point is suffering. We all know the people who clearly embody this verse, the people who have endured hardship and become stronger and steadier because of it. So where are we on this journey? Surely all of us are suffering in one way or another during this season. So is this producing endurance in us? Is practicing this changing and shaping our character? Will we choose hope?

In this madness, there is purpose. There is hope. There is a God who loves us, sees us, and is in control of all the details of our lives. There is a beautiful simplicity found when we return to these basic truths. When we hold tight to the promises of God, there is no destination we can discover other than hope. We will find purpose in this madness. Hope will not put us to shame.

- Kallie Terrana, author of the blog this life's blessings

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