What does the Bible say about abortion?



Although the Bible never explicitly states what constitutes human life, the Bible is clearly against the taking of innocent life. The sixth commandment (Exodus 20) says do not murder. Humans are made in His image and have innate value and worth simply by existing (Genesis 1:26). When it comes to human life, the original Hebrew is crucial. In Job 3:3, synonymous parallelism is used in the two lines, meaning that it says roughly the same thing in different words. Therefore, when it says born and conceived, it suggests the baby is viewed the same at both of those points. The Hebrews also considered age differently – when you were born, you were considered 9 months old, meaning age and life were based on conception, not birth. Coroner says you’re dead if you don’t have heartbeat and brain waves, therefore we naturally have criteria for life – baby has both at day 22 (most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at day 22)